Prabhat Dental has state-of-the-art equipment and all dental procedures from basic to advanced are provided under one roof. At Prabhat Dental, we ensure to cater the best of wellness and finesse.We instil the importance of health and hygiene and take personal care in looking after the comfort of our patients. The dental care provided is of the most advanced standards taking advantage of all the recent advances in dentistry.

During the first consultation, your oral status will be thoroughly assessed by our dentist, following which you will be educated regarding your current status. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing the work required, the cost incurred and the time duration. You can choose from a variety of treatment options to suit your time and budget. Prices at Prabhat Dental are cheaper than what it costs in the Hyderabad city.

Our premium services include Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontic Treatment, Dental Crown & Bridge, etc as follows…

    • Cosmetic Dentistry ( Dental Jewelry, Space Closure, Repair of Tooth, Teeth Whitening & Smile Designing )PD_CosmeticDentistry


    • Orthodontic Treatment (Traditional Braces & Clear Braces)PD_Orthodontic


    • Prosthodontic Treatment (Full Dentures, Crown & Bridge)PD_3


    • Dental Implants (Single Tooth Replacement & Full Mouth Replacement)PD_4


    • Restorative Dentistry (Tooth Color Filling & Root Canal Treatment)PD_5


  • Periodontics (Oral Prophylaxis & Flap Surgery)PD_6